Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What did you do now CLUELESS????

Maybe some links for you will explain.




Maybe...just maybe, if you stayed in HS and finished your English Comp class you would have learned a little about stealing other people's written work.

Oh...I see you are offering advice on CNCzone using the name MasterCAM user.

I think this calls for a new poll!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jon Banquer wants Liberal Distribution of Software

The CADCAM Value Added Reseller Problem

Jon, I really tried to read this post but I lost track of what it was about.

Why don't you quit hiding behind criticisms involving successful, respected, intelligent, happy, and otherwise NORMAL people and face the truth that everyone IS better than you.

Now why don't you make a visit to your local Mental Health Clinic and walk in and say:

I'm sure they will jump right up and take care of you Jon.....ya know...people do want to help.

Naaaa.....nevermind, Make a sign that says "MISSED ME" and go stand out on the 1.


Jon Banquer Pisses on his own head AGAIN

Here's a reply to Jonnie's useless review of Mastercam.


Jon Banquer discovers Mastercam

What It's Really Like Using Mastercam X2 MR 2


I erased this whole post because it was nothing but crap.
You have used the name 'Mastercam User' on CNCzone the past few months and annoyed many of the sincere users there with your newbie questions and your peevish observations about the software. You once again offered your clueless criticism to a video and then post here about how the printed pdf would look nice in a ring binder. Geee, did you have any color in mind or were saving that for another babble post?


Jon Banquer On top of NEW Technology

Good Technology Doesn't Rise To The Top On It's Own.
With very few exceptions in order to gain serious market share you need a VAR network. It's unfortunate that a VAR network is needed because it hurts the smarter end user with much higher costs. There is nothing I would like to see more than to see SpaceClaim make it but they have very weak VAR's and they don't appear to be making any progress getting stronger ones. I can't even imagine how much money SpaceClaim must have burned through with their initial bad marketing strategy. What would really help SpaceClaim is getting someone like Surfcam or Smartcam to create a full blown CAM program to run inside of SpaceClaim and then use the CAM companies VAR network to market the combination of SpaceClaim CAD and their CAM running inside of SpaceClaim.
I work for a very large company in California and we are very successful because we focus on partnering. I believe SpaceClaim needs to do the same thing with a strong CAM company in order to survive and they need to do it yesterday!

Jon, I cut a few sentences from your original post. I don't think it was original anyway, so nothing was lost. When writing about ANY subject, it's always a good idea to stay on subject. You didn't with your BS about the marvels of Spacethingy. I must say you do have a point about the VARs, but that's the way it is....it's not going to change unless Walmart decides it's time to sell discount engineering and manufacturing software.


Jon Banquer KNOWS Mastercam

Mastercam Reliability
I sure hope that when Mastercam X3 is released in the next few months that it's better coded than X2 MR2. I cranked out 6 programs in Mastercam today. Had to kill Mastercam and restart it 4 times. Shit just stops working. Example: I'm chaining and wish to move the start point. The move start point dialog box won't open until I kill Mastercam X2 MR2 SP1 (latest download from CNC Software's website) and restart.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

What YOU say Jon.

If you knew what you were doing and spent the time you devote to the nonsense you shovel out on the countless forums and usenet you would have the time to learn the software. Of course, that's if you are really using it in a work place setting. I and many others think you are at best nothing more than a button pusher that has lofty dreams of becoming a machinist, let alone a programmer.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Usenet Reply about Jon's Mastercam post

Jon, Jon, Jon... You're just pissed because every reputable user's forum has shown you the door (and for good reason too). NOBODY in eMastercam minds constructive criticism of the software, functions, lack of functions, etc... It's the mindless drivel you have been spouting for the last 15 years or more that pisses people off. Your unceasing rants about "graphical toolpath editing" were just ridiculous efforts to garner attention to yourself and your lame cause. Jon, "graphical toolpath editing" is nothing more than a coverup for ineffictive machining routines, get over it.
The reason eMastercam is so successful at helping users because we don't put up with the kind crap you slather up in spades. We value honesty, integrity, constructive criticism and contribution. We don't support software pirates. If that makes me one of the leaders of the "clique" so be it. It's a worthwhile online community and I don;t want to see it degenerate into someting like alt.machines.cnc where people's dirty laundry gets arired.
The ONLY reason you started this blog is because people are seriously tired of your idiotic rants on CAD/CAM. The reason nobody at at SolidWorks, OneCNC, GibbsCAM, CNC Software, etc... ad infinitum listens to you is because you have nothing meaningful to say or contribute regarding CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM, etc... So get over yourself and find a new hobby like SOFTWARE DEVELOPEMENT since you know so much.